LallyGone LLC is a residential remodeling company, licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin.
We specialize in helping homeowners liberate their space.

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Lally Column Removal

Basements and garages are known for having inconvenient posts and columns. Instead of rearranging your furniture, designing around them to try to hide them, thinking that the space is unlivable, or continuing to bang your car door…we can remove columns in as little as one day for a lot less than you think.
Bearing Wall Removal
Dated floor plans often do not match current lifestyle trends. Families find themselves with rooms that are underused and others that are too small for the desired use. An example is a formal living room with an undersized family room behind it, divided by a bearing wall.
LallyGone can dramatically transform the usability of your living spaces.

Wish you could remove the support columns in your basement to allow for a pool table or media room?

Tired of banging your car door on your garage lally column?

Looking to remove those support posts from the center of your room?

Call Lallygone today – we can remove any column in one day and for less than you think!

Lallygone’s column removal services are currently available in Minnesota and the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Eastern Pennsylvania.
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